Green Water

Green Water is a vision that conserves and recycles our
scarce water supplies

The Green Water systems are designed to clean water that is used in millions of bathroom sinks and showers in homes and offices around the world. The water from these sinks and bathrooms, often referred to as Grey Water, are cleaned and purified to a degree that the water can be reused thus extending the usage of water. In many cases by over 65%!

Save Money and Water

With water becoming increasingly scarce and increasingly expensive in most regions, the Green Water system allows users to save


money on their water usages while at the same time saving the environment. The main environmental benefit is that the Green Water system minimizes the need for municipalities and water conservation efforts to be expanded to meet the growing needs of the population. The reuse of the water when using the Green Water system reduces the need for new water sources and reduces the risk associated with the worlds current water sources.


What is Green Water?      

The Green Water International company has designed a water purification system that will be used to allow end-users to reuse a high percentage of their daily water consumption. The current water supplies of the world are decreasing from a supply standpoint and there is a significant need for water conservation and recycling around the world. In North America the cost of water usage in homes and offices has significantly increased while at the same time the amount of freshwater available to end-users has decreased significantly. In Mexico City there are many initiatives that are currently in the works to conserve the water that is delivered to 24 million people in that city. Government officials in many countries clearly indicate that there is a crisis level need to have solutions that will reduce the demand on the scarce availability of freshwater.

The United Nations Water Program

The United Nations Water (UN-Water) program in addition to water programs planned by UNESCO, the World Health Organization and many other recognized global bodies, all point to a critical situation regarding the availability of fresh clean water.



It is therefore critical that both governments and individuals do their part in reducing the waste of clean water and increase dramatically the re-use of current water supplies.

Climate Change

Climate change is significantly affecting the availability of freshwater in many regions around the world. Climate change experts clearly indicate that the availability of freshwater around the world will decrease and become a significant challenge for millions of people in both developed and developing markets.

The direction that Green Water has taken provides an excellent solution in preserving water. Our products and services will allow end-users to conserve over 50% of their current water usage. This significant conversation can be achieved by end-users when using a highly affordable solution provided by our company.