schematicGreen Water Mission

Green Water Enterprises has the mission of providing products and services that are best of breed and affordable for markets that require conservation of their water resources.

Green Water is the world leader in Grey Water conservation. Green Water is committed to reducing the reliance on scarce fresh water sources by increasing the usage of existing water that is being utilized by end users in their homes and offices.


Green Water management is committed in their drive to reduce the need for new freshwater resources by adding significant and pertinent technology that will allow end-users to re-use their existing freshwater. The management team has analyzed many aspects of the market and is confident it can aggressively gain and subsequently grow market share within the water market. Analysis demonstrates that Green Water products and services have strengths that will benefit the water market.

Why is mass individual water conservation necessary?

There is significant pain in the market when it comes to water conservation. It is clear that this pain is being felt in many developed countries where the cost of water has increased tenfold in some regions. In Southern California for example many vineyards and avocado orchards have been abandoned due to the high cost of water. This has caused significant economic turmoil for both the State and individuals. Water has been diverted away from agricultural needs and reprioritized to allow sufficient supply for home and businesses.

Global warming has created a climate that has depleted many of the freshwater reserves that we have taken for granted over the past five decades. Diversion of the Colorado River has caused the river to attain its lowest level in the past 100 years. Increased population and economic prosperity has resulted in the increased need for clean and sanitary water. The market clearly indicates that populations can not and should not take clean and fresh water for granted.


  • Vulnerability: The high cost of water and low availability follows the economic principle of supply and demand versus cost. The cost of providing clean and sanitary water continues to rise at a rate that is making many individuals, businesses and municipalities vulnerable to unsustainable cost increases.
  • Political: Political leaders are facing voter angst because taxes and the cost of water are spiraling upwards. Political leaders require a simple and affordable solution to balance their water budgets. Many cities are now budgeting for water reuse and are incenting their populist to adopt these devices. The city of Ottawa Canada is subsidizing the purchase of a rain barrels so that home owners can collect roof rain water for their gardens. It is estimated that if 30% of the population uses these rain barrel collectors, the city will avoid spending multiple millions of dollars on expensive upgrades to expand the existing water infrastructure.
  • Global Warming: Global warming has pushed the limit of many freshwater sources to precarious levels. This has resulted in serious strain on freshwater systems globally. It is incumbent upon municipalities and water delivery utilities to adopt alternate methods of conserving fresh and sanitary water.

Patents and Trade Secrets

GREEN WATER has a patent portfolio for the T-Vortex technology. This consists of over 20 patents. Green Water continues to add develop and new patent protections to our products.

Green Water's Unfair Advantage

GREEN WATER has an unfair advantage in the market because unlike our competitors, Green Water Enterprises has a patented [20 patents] T-Vortex spinning membrane filtration technology that minimizes clogging and maximizes system longevity. The T-Vortex technology is instrumental in maintaining high standards of water filtration without the need for the significant maintenance requirements of other water reuse systems.

GREEN WATER has positioned its success by focusing on a product strategy that allows the dealer distribution network to have a stable of products. This stable of products is well-suited to provide a solution to an end-user in most regions in the world. The flexibility of the T-Vortex technology allows numerous product adaptations and solutions, all of which will meet the needs of the end-user in addition to meeting the needs of the local water authority.


GREEN WATER is the leading expert provider of  grey water solutions using the T-Vortex patented technology to achieve premium water solutions at an affordable price.

GREEN WATER has a competitive advantage with 25 years of experience in the processing of human and viscous materials. GREEN WATER will have an expanded distribution network that will consist of dealers and strategic partners.

GREEN WATER expansion will target high need markets in areas with high water challenges where the market has a high need for solutions that solve their water needs. 

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