Dealership Package and Support

Dealership SupportTo ensure your success in both the start-up and ongoing operations of your own dealership, the Green Water Dealer Certification Program offers a comprehensive training and planning session encompassing technical, Installation, marketing, sales, service and business subject matter. As importantly, you will form relationships with our team of professionals who are in place to support you in every aspect of the business. The certification program also provides access to the necessary materials, tools and products to help you start your business.

The start-up package includes the following:


Training course in the following departments:

  • Technical and installations
  • Sales and Management
  • Marketing and Promotion

Marketing Collateral 

Dealership CollateralOur in-house marketing department will assist you with marketing material to suit your needs, whether it's advertising for newspapers or magazines or brochures and flyers for trade shows or mail campaigns.

Dealerships starting from $25,000

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