Green Water Flushing Solution

schematicThe Green Water Drinking Solution is a combination of Spinning Membranes, chemical treatments and Reverse Osmosis with the associated storage and holding tanks as required. This category of product will be implemented to provide the highest quality of water exceeding municipal standards.

The drinking water category is  also used as washing water in sinks, bathtubs and all other typical water needs in a household or a business environment.

Contaminants found in your Grey Water effluent

Typical grey-water contaminants:

Typical Concentrations and Pollutants in Grey-water in North America by Ingredient Concentration: This list is comprehensive and includes kitchen*, bath, sink and wash machine grey water. Green Water does not guarantee or suggest that all these contaminants will be removed using our Green Water products.

Pollutant  (mg/L)
Sunscreen    1500
Moisturizer   1000
Toothpaste 3250
Deodorant   1000
Na2SO4 **  3500
NaHCO3 **     2500
Na4PO4      3900
Clay   5000
Vegetable Oil*     700
Shampoo or Hand Soap 7200
Laundry Detergent *  15000
Boric Acid *    140
Lactic Acid *   2800
Source: Information from Cartwright Consulting Company.

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