Green Water Irrigation

Green Water is pleased to introduce our Green Water irrigation products. Our irrigation products utilize water from rain catchments and from household or office grey water collection systems. Irrigation of non-edible plants, flowers and trees, utilizing Green Water, is an effective way to save on your water costs and is an excellent manner to conserve and recycle water.

A few typical "common sense" guidelines to Green Water:

  • Be sure your family knows and follows the "Green Water Rules".
  • The safest green water sources are the laundry machine, shower and bath tubs.
  • Detergent generally improves the water quality in any green water storage system.
  • When you have house guests who may not understand or follow the rules, turn your selector valve to "sewer position" to bypass potential contamination.
  • Use caution collecting water from the kitchen sink or dishwasher as food scraps and grease may decompose over time and contaminate the system.
  • Urination in the shower must be strictly forbidden (common with young boys).
  • Laundry water from clothing badly soiled with excrement, blood, or vomit should be bypassed to the sewer system.
  • Do not spit into hand sinks if plumbed into the green water system.
  • Avoid water from bathing a dog, flushing an aquarium, or cleaning a pet's cage.
  • The addition of rainwater helps dilute and "sweeten" office and household Green Water.
  • If you think your stored water is getting a little sour: chlorinate it with liquid laundry bleach to 25 ppm (1 gallon of household bleach for 2,000 gallons of water). Let it stand for several days while the chlorine dissipates, pump it out where any residual chlorine will not damage trees or plantings. Attempt to figure out what went wrong, and then try again.


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